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03.10.2012, 06:58 ::
clearly cannot mean or imply that Father Zuhlsdorf would have to praech the content of the encyclical in Latin, or that it would have to be heard and understood by the people in Latin. But yes, since the official version of the encyclical is not yet available, the Vatican has indeed laid the groundwork for praeching on the encyclical that is provisional and might have to be modified if and when translation errors are discovered, or the final, official version that is published in the AAS is changed in any way from the vernacular versions that were released Tuesday. The Vatican does go back and alter official texts before they are officially promulgated through the AAS (and until a Vatican document is published there, its form or content is not final). You seem not to have much if any understanding of how language works, especially in the Catholic Church.I don't know who told you that Latin is no longer the official language of the Church, but you've been seriously misinformed. Why do you think the bishops have been working on new, accurate translations of the Missal into vernacular to replace the embarrassing mistranslations currently in use? If Latin weren't the Church's official language, what would there be to translate? As Father Zuhlsdorf said, the languages of praeching have nothing to do with the Church's official language, which is Latin.