yongseong(ulleung alji yi(geumnyang seol(seupbi
jeong(saryang son(jeomnyang,moryang choe(bonpi bae(han-gi
jiudangshu/kronika dynastii wcześniejszych tang
xindangshu/kronika dynastii późniejszej tang gim-su-ro
sorabeol/seonabeol/seobeol/saro sae/nowy na/ra/kraj
sin/nowy luo/ra/kraj liangshu/kronika dynastii liang
gyerim/kraj koguciego lasu/ptasi-gaj gim-alji namhae
geoseo-gan/wódz-tytularny isa-geum/wielki-władca naemul
chachaung/wódz-szaman/mistrz-obrzędów michu naehae
ma-ripgan/wódz z tytułem dziedziczenia tamna/jeju/juho
moheunghyeol/dziura w ziemi go yang bu gwakji(ceramika
kyushu gukju/przywódca-państwa tamna-guk munju eunseol
jwapyeong wangja/następca-tronu
samguk-sidae/okres trzech państw go-gu-ryeo baekje silla
pyeongmin/ludzie-prości pil/zwój materiału konopnego
so,hyang,bu-gok/wioska-rzemieślników seok(miara-ziarna
sig-eup/ziemia na wyżywienie sajeon/własne-pola
yuin/włóczęga mimana/imna/gaya jin-gyeong gang-su
imna-ga-ra kimmei(cesarz gyo-dong changnyeong
suematsu-yasukazu gim-seokhyeong oyama wae/wa inoue-hideo
cheon-gwan-u fu/bu sosu-rim sang/seung/minister
daebo/doradca gochu-ga hyeong/starszy-brat saja/wysłannik
urzędnicy-go-gu-ryeo:daedaero taedaehyeong
uljeol/jubu/ulju taebusaja/taedae-saja jouidu-taehyeong
sangga/zgromadzenie-urzędników daesaja daehyeongga
balwi-saja/suwi-saja goi


03.10.2012, 08:03 ::
Dear Magne,I wholeheartedly agree with what you reropt. The elegance and simplicity of what we are discussing is what is so remarkable.We live in a complex world and, unfortunately, the brightest and best among us have allowed themselves to be needlessly blinded by complexity, so that they are not able to see certain simple things about the way the world we inhabit works as well as about a more adequate placement of the human species within the natural order of living things. This is the most astounding of failures, I suppose.I am making only a guess now, but it appears that humankind could soon put itself, life as we know it and the integrity of Earth in grave danger if we continue to ignore reality, to deny whatsoever is somehow real. The days are numbered in which a governing, elite minority of humankind lives well while disregarding natural limits to growth of its unbridled consumption, production and propagation activities now overspreading the surface of our relatively small, finite, noticeably frangible planetary home.Always,Steve

01.10.2012, 02:27 ::
There is, of course, a sautiripl aspect to human life and existence; one which is deeply connected to nature at large, but also, and probably even more importantly, to social and cultural norms, moral codes and ethical agreements. I'm taking care to understanding human beings as creatures of nature (a species of mammals in its own right, and placed on the top of the food chain: a natural fact of life on this planet) but also, of course, and at the very same time, as creatures of culture and society: able of all possible social and individual actions, up to and including natural and social science, faith, politics, economy, family planning (and the lack of it), industrial agriculture, extraction of oil from the bottom of the ocean, travelling to space and contemplating the theory of life on other planets, easily finding simple reasons for going to war, among other things literature, music, and fine arts, sports, gambling and brewing beer Making sure to keep all these things (and even more) in mind when trying to make intelligent assessments of the human living conditions will certainly be just as important in the future as it is today. You may be an ape, okay. And you may have to lose some of your arrogance, in order to understand that you're leading an everyday life which is deeply connected to nature. But you are never going to be able to lead a life which has nothing at all to do with the cultural and social aspects of reality. That's impossible. Right now this whole comment may seem naive, even foolishly so. As what I am saying makes perfectly commonsense it may seem like very unnecessary things to say. But I say: it is very important that we crack down on all forms of over-simplification. Let's get real here. Let's try to simultaneously keep three or four thoughts in our heads. Humans are not only and exclusively creatures of nature and sautiriplity, but so many other things as well. And that's the way it's got to be. There can be no changing it. What can and ought to be changed, is human cultural, social and sautiripl assessments of life on this planet: what it might take to make it last forever. Well, until the sun dies, to put it like that. And not continue to allow the cultural and social aspects of human life to put life itself in jeopardy, like it's being done today. And in such a methodical manner as well! Knowingly, and willingly, a very large portion of the world's adult population is at work every day, making money from environmental devastation. It's a sad fact which had better not be mentioned too often, because it's embarrassing. Unfortunately, it seems to me like all the people around me are quite able to accept the notion that nothing much can actually be done in order to put a stop to manmade climate change and any other forms of environmental degradation. Even if we might actually be facing large-scale ecocide here (locally, regionally and globally speaking), it seems to me as if human societies have by now become too dependent on industry production and consumption, we shall have to accept that we have entered a vicious circle out of which we simply cannot escape. We shall only have to face the consequences here, locally as well as globally, no matter what we might think about it, as individuals with hearts, brains and natural passions to preserve rather than destroy environmental destruction is the make-up of modern, contemporary human life; that's it and that's that, so learn to accept (and embrace) it I know that I'm going to find this very hard to swallow. But the most basic fact of the evening news remains a simple story of a booming oil, gas and coal based economy which is going to continue to boom, no matter what might be the ever-to-be neglected consequences on the world's atmosphere and climate systems: it's what makes society (civilization) keep ticking, so here we go: aiming to commit ecocide as fast as we possible can; oh not to worry. Now: I have not mentioned the effects of rainforest logging, the overfishing of the world's oceans and a damn lot of other deeply modern and contemporary human economic / industrial activities, ever as important as they always were the human species as a creature of economy, politics, conflict and war, first and foremost, hell bent on doing itself in for a quick buck, so to speak I hope I'm wrong. Of course I do. But I do think it is very, very easy to accept the idea that we should have to live the lives of 19th century red indians in order to save the day, and therefore accept the thought that saving this world simply cannot be done. As we know that the changes required are too massive to handle, sautiriplly as well as socially and culturally. So we give up, as individuals and as social creatures, and decide not to talk about it. Both scary and sad. -

19.12.2010, 20:43 :: ownlog.com
Ja chyba nie. :( Zimą całymi dniami siedziałabym w domu i czytała książki.

14.12.2010, 21:04 ::
btw, odpowiadam na komentarz sprzed poczatku grudnia, ja zamierzam pisac rozszerzona mature z geografii i wiem, ktore to stalaktyty i stalagmity :)

14.12.2010, 20:57 ::
moze i sciemnialy :)

ja pamietam, wczoraj mega zaswieciło u mnie :)

14.12.2010, 18:32 :: ownlog.com
na pewno nie ja :(