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30.09.2012, 14:20 ::
Indeed Extraterrestrial Biological Entities could have just be an ancient ibnhnitaat of Earth that was advanced and left the planet, only to come back and see that their pet science project' [humans] have thrived on their old world for thousands of years.The hollow Moon theory is not all that preposterous, it very well could be hollow on the inside. If the moon is hollow, it is definitely not an alien spacecraft, that is just absurd. Does anyone grasp the idea of how large the moon actually is? It's like looking at the entire country of russia if it floated in the sky.If the moon is hollow, then it is because of the natural occurance of accretion. Say that the moon was created by a freak collision with a large planetesemal which impacted at such an angle as to throw a large chunk of molten earth into orbit around the planet. As this molten earth spins and coalesces, the shear centrifugal force of the rotation would force the moon's content to stretch, and thus, not create any material in the center, and accumulate at the crustal area. This would leave the moon hollow on the inside much like a bubble.When you stir your coffee, you notice that it makes a vortex, with the coffee stretching outwards while depleting in the middle. This could be what happened to the moon as it formed. This also could explain the low-gravity of the moon, yes it's small, but it should have more gravity by the look of the moon. If it's 1/4 the size of Earth then it's safe to say that it should have 1/4 earth's gravity. Even taking into account an exponential decrease in the gravity of a small celestial object, the moon should have more gravity than it does. Also leading me to believe that the Moon could very well be hollow. Although, celestial objects that are large enough and have gravity enough to crush themselves into a perfect sphere would mean that the moon would have to be solid all the way through. Who knows. But I know this, the moon wasn't created, nor put into orbit around the Earth by any alien beings. That's impossible, Only God himself could do such a thing. I don't care how advanced an intelligent species is, there's no way to tractor a gigantic orb of rock into a near-perfect orbit around a planet. One slight mistake in placing an object such as the moon in orbit around a planet could send the object crashing into the planet. So.. If aliens are using the hollow' moon as an Earth observatory, then they would have had to land and excavate a large internal dwelling area to stay in. Again.. Who knows.. It's so fascinating to think about though.. Some (most) people are so closed off and ignorant that they couldn't even entertain any idea outside of mainstream though. Ergo, they wouldn't be able to entertain the idea of aliens, let alone a hollow moon. Thanks.

27.05.2008, 15:52 ::
Ile to baloniki mogą sprawić radości :))