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zone of proximal development vicarious-traumatization overhelping
uncertainty-evidence triggering-events triggering-causes hijacking
traumatic-reenactment traumatic-grief substance-abuse skyjacking
symond's second injury stress-seekers stress inoculating training
serial-splittering self imposed constraints theory preconditions
secondary traumatic stress risk-shift reexposure-therapy reciprocity
psychophysical-numbing psychological-debriefing probability-neglect
primary-insomnia precipitans power-distance posttraumatic-growth
posttraumatic stress disorder publics of atrocity performative-acts
performance-violence performance-guilt performance-events der-sprung
migratory process of incremental change maligant-narcissist verido
just work thinking mental-life fizjologiczne korelaty terroryzmu
inhibitory-mechanismus locus of individual change model-sensytyzacji
hostage identification syndrom pairing-group overidentification
peak-experiences hipervigilance heurystyka-dostępności habituacja
hatred of learnng groupthink group-mindset group extremity shift
etos-ofiary hostage barricade situation generalized anxiety disorder
fight flight group negativity-bias feeding the beast facilitators acting-out
delegitimating-discoveries metafora-happeningu acute stress disorder
eye movement desensitization and reprocessing moral-disengagemment
coercive-diplomacy dependent-group desensytyzacja cosmic-specialness
complicated-bereavement carjacking compassion-fatigue błąd-atrybucji
basic assumption group cognitive-broadening captive-participants
base rate neglect/fallacy availability-heuristic atrybucja-kazualna
antisocial personality disorder affect-heuristics emergency-routine


04.05.2012, 03:17 ::
I leave for you the poem my daughter wrote. I think you will get a very clear ptiucre of what War-Related Intergenerational Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) means to her :FLASHBACKSI see that faraway thousand mile stare in your eyesthe intensitythe crazinessthat lies withinI want to runI want to hideI'm scared for my lifein the blink of an eyethe person I know is gonefilled with rageyou screamyou cryyou get angryand at the moment I don't know whyI don't understandI cannot comprehendthe tormented hell that you have been infor I am only a child WHERE ARE MY GUNS!! you screamyou cannot find themI try not to blink an eyeso you will not suspectI took themto protect us allto save your lifethe relentless search continuesthen you realizeI took themyou turn to me filled with this ragethat is now directed at methe interrogation beginsto no availI will not give inyou've not broken meI am already brokenI shut downterrifiedI want to cryat moments I wish I would dieI can not endure another momentin this hellthis horror that I was born intothis is my existencethis is my hellBy Danielle Reyescopyright 2008As for myself, the mother of children exposed & forever effected, to be constantly pulled between your children & your husband their father who suffers from PTSD creates a wound in the heart that can never be completely repaired. Otherwise here is what I have written about my personal experience with PTSD:PTSD IT'S HORRORI am the widow of a Vietnam Veteran. We were married 27 years and had 2 (two) children. We knew each other for 31 years. During that time I witnessed my husband's mental (emotional) and physical (he also suffered from illnesses linked to agent orange) state deteriorate dramatically. I have fought alongside my husband and struggled to survive the roller coaster that we came to know as our very existence: PTSD.Our family was profoundly affected by PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). We all suffered. We experienced my husband's trauma all the time, it never stopped happening. Our family lived in an environment which was always UNCERTAIN. We never knew what would happen next, never knew what to expect because we could not anticipate his actions. We had to be prepared at all times for the worst. Our lives were hell and our home was a war zone, always fearing the unexpected, never an opportunity to escape. PTSD is the worst kind of torture. It's horror. Slowly wearing you down day in and day out until it has control and becomes unleashed. It ripped a hole in my husband's soul and it took us, his family with him. It's like being on an out of control roller coaster ride that will never be over.

08.04.2010, 17:44 ::
piękne zdjęcie:)